All our products are handmade using all natural ingredients. To purchase stop in at our office and just ask our friendly staff.

Kawakawa Balm

Our beautiful kawakawa balm is made by olive oil, kawakawa leaves and beeswax. The olive oil is picked by our whole school and immediately cold pressed to make our olive oil.

Ingredients: Kawakawa leaves, olive oil and beeswax.


Lavender Soap

The Lavender Is freshly picked From Oturu School garden.

Ingredients: Water, Lavender Oil and Lye.


Olive Oil

Our olive oil is picked by our school, after we pick the olives they are immediately cold pressed for oil.

Ingredients: Olives, water, lavender oil and lye.



Our honey is proudly made by our bees. Our bees get the pollen from native bush with manuka.

Ingredients: 100% Honey