Essential Information


Oturu School runs 2 buses that are now free of charge.  Please contact the school prior to 2pm if you require a change to your child's normal bus stop.

Cell Phones At School and Valuables

If your child needs to bring a cell phone to school or has any valuables, they need to be brought to the office first thing in the morning.  They will be kept in a lockable cupboard and given back to the student before the end of the day. 

Education Outside The Classroom (EOTC)

Oturu School offers a wide range of sports exchanges, class field trips and overnight camps for our tamariki to be involved in.  These are valuable experiences and involve a large amount of organisation and support from whanau.  These EOTC activities are very valuable in providing background research and practical experience in topics back at school, as well as cementing relationships between students, teachers, and parents.  Day trips will be ‘free of charge’ but for overnight camps we will ask for a minimal ‘koha’ to help with the costs involved.


Oturu School is a ‘NO FEES’ school.  This means that we will provide all of our childs stationary and buses will be provided, free of charge.  Day trips will also be of no cost, but for overnight camps we will ask for a small koha to help cover costs.

Food in School

Oturu School provides breakfast, morning tea and lunches each day.

Internet Use

We are networked with wireless and broadband and use computers and the internet as part of our everyday teaching and learning. We are well equipped with 1 to 1 devices. As part of our internet policy we ask students and parents to sign an agreement before students can use the internet. This agreement ensures students understand the rules of internet use in our school and helps to keep them safe from all that “stuff “out there. 

Kids Can

If your child needs any school shoes and socks, rain jackets, head lice treatment or girls sanitary items, please get them to come to the office and we will order/supply these free of charge.


Newsletters will be sent home fortnightly on a Monday.  These provide you with information about what has been happening at school and upcoming events.